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UNI-Prep 120-Hour Online TEFL and TESOL Certificate Program

Teach English Abroad – Are you interested in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages? UNI-Prep’s online TEFL and TESOL Certificate program qualifies an individual to work as an English and ESL/EFL teacher internationally.

The program is completely online and is 120-hours in length.


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Since the course is online, it allows you the option to study from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer with an internet connection.

UNI-Prep Institute’s TESOL Certification course teaches you how to become an English language teacher. You will not learn English in the course, you are expected to already know English.

The course covers all of the fundamental components of teaching English to non-native speakers. The online TESOL Certification course has 10 units in total and includes video lectures and activities that you can use in the classroom.

When you have completed the course, you can use your certificate to work as an English language teacher worldwide.

Benefits of UNI-Prep Online TESOL Certificate

  • No set schedule, study at your own pace
  • Complete the full course in as little as 2 weeks
  • The online course can be done from anywhere
  • Choose TESOL or TEFL certificate at the end of the course
  • No final exam, just quizzes throughout the course
  • Tutor support included
  • Job search assistance through job board partner ESL Jobs Lounge
  • Electronic Certificate e-mailed to you, free of charge
  • Original Certificate mailed to you internationally, free of charge
  • 99% course completion and the pass rate
  • Accredited and internationally recognized

General Teaching Subject Areas

Teaching ESL Subject Areas

Classroom Management

Spoken English


Techniques & Strategies

Classroom Testing


Proficiency Testing

Written English

Curriculum Planning

Reading in English

Lesson Planning

Writing in English

Teaching Activities

English Vocabulary

How To Apply

To register for the online TESOL Certificate course, click the registration link. Click Here to Apply

Why Study TESOL at UNI-Prep Institute

The short video below will give you some of the many reasons why UNI-Prep offers the best TESOL Certificate and TESOL Diploma programs.

The video below talks about some frequently asked question.

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