UNE Residential Financial Assistance Scholarships

The University of New England has established residential scholarships to encourage qualified and motivated students who may not otherwise have considered college living because of financial constraints, to reside in a UNE residential college and be involved in the college community.

The University of New England is a public university in Australia with approximately 22,500 higher education students. Its original and main campus is located in the city of Armidale in northern central New South Wales. UNE was the first Australian university established outside a state capital city.

Scholarship Description

  • Closing Dates:
    • Mid-December 2018
    • Mid-January 2019
    • Early February 2019
  • Value: 50% discount on residential fees (room only. Up to a maximum value of $5,000.00)
  • Number Awarded: Variable (minimum of 30)
  • Duration: 2019 Accommodation Agreement (35 - 52 weeks)
  • Study Mode: On or Off Campus, Full or Part Time

Who Can Apply?

This scholarship is open to Australian citizens, permanent residents and international students.

Open to applicants who are completing Year 12 and gap year/s students who are commencing university study for the first time; And Open to non-school leaver applicants

The applicant must be able to demonstrate financial need.

Application Procedure

Applications for the UNE Residential Financial Assistance Scholarships should be made through the Online Application Form.

Supporting Documents

The applicant should attach evidence to support financial need, which may be:

  • A copy of a Centrelink statement; or their Income Tax Return (if independent) and/or
  • Their parent’s/parents’ Income Tax Return/s (if dependent) and/or
  • A letter from an authorized person (eg. Community leader, School principal, minister of religion, accountant) that comments on the applicant’s financial circumstances.

Statement of Case outlining

  • Commitment to the proposed course/career aspirations
  • Involvement in community and/or leadership activities
  • How the student will benefit from receiving the scholarship (the impact of the residential scholarship for study at UNE)
  • Special conditions or obstacles the applicant has overcome in their path to study, eg. financial, geographic, cultural or other disadvantages


The scholarship shall be awarded on the recommendation of the UNE College Scholarships Committee and administered by the UNE Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team. By applying for this scholarship, the applicant permits the University to give some personal details contained in their application to the committee, some members of which may not be UNE staff.  All information gathered will be treated with discretion.

UNE College allocation will be determined subject to availability. The Selection Committee's decision is final.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Undergraduate scholarship holders may not hold more than one UNE scholarship if the combined value is greater than six thousand dollars ($6,000) per annum.
  2. The scholarship is intended for the nominated course and may not be deferred or transferred.
  3. If you wish to make any changes to your enrolment you must notify the Undergraduate Scholarships, Prizes and Awards team prior to doing so.  If you no longer satisfy the criteria and conditions of the scholarship you may not retain it.
  4. Failure to meet the conditions of your scholarship may result in you being required to repay any instalment already received.
  5. Continuation of the scholarship, if applicable, is subject to:
    1. Maintenance of a GPA of 4.0 in each trimester(unless otherwise approved by the UNE Colleges Scholarships Committee). For continuing students, results for Trimester Two and Three will be combined for the purpose of calculating eligibility for continuation of the scholarship in Trimester One in the second and subsequent years.
    2. The scholar continuing to maintain eligibility in relation to their enrolment status (eg. Full or part-time, on or off campus) as stipulated by the Scholarship terms. Students unsure about this should contact the Scholarship, Prizes and Awards team to discuss their situation.
    3. Full-time students are expected to complete their course in the minimum period of candidature.
    4. Submission of brief Trimester reports in May and September each year reporting on progress with their studies and involvement in sporting, cultural and community activities as well as participation in University life, where applicable.
  6. Any request to vary the conditions of the scholarship must be made in writing and will be determined at the discretion of the Scholarships, Prizes and Awards Committee (or other relevant committees).
  7. The Scholar may be required to attend the annual scholarships donor event if they are invited to do so, and may be asked to participate in activities to promote this scholarship and other scholarships in general, including public speaking, donor liaison, media interviews and photographs.
  8. Some scholarships may affect other government payments.  It is the recipient’s responsibility to seek advice from the relevant government agency.
  9. From time to time minor changes made be required to the administrative conditions of this scholarship. If this occurs recipients will be given advanced notice in writing. Donors will also be consulted where appropriate.
  10. Failure to meet the requirements of these terms and conditions may lead to the termination of the scholarship.
  11. The recipient is required to reside in the allocated UNE College for the duration of the scholarship and abide by the UNE Accommodation Agreement.
  12. The scholarship discount will be applied to the recipient’s residential fee account on a fortnightly basis, thereby reducing the recipient’s fortnightly payments (room component only for the catered Colleges) by 50%.
  13. The scholarship may be extended for those recipients who demonstrate a meaningful contribution to the college community. This will be contingent upon the recipient having obtained a minimum average GPA of 4.0 (Pass) in the previous year and continuing to demonstrate financial need.
  14. Scholarship extension is subject to the approval of the UNE Colleges Scholarship Committee.
  15. Extended scholarships will have a discount applied to be between 25-50% at the determination of the College Scholarship Committee
  16. Extension of scholarships is subject to confirmation of ongoing Scholarship funding.

Acceptance of Conditions

In accepting the UNE Residential Financial Assistance Scholarship, the recipient acknowledges that they have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions outlined above.

For more information about The University of New England, Residential Financial Assistance Scholarships visit the official website.

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