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The mission of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, a division of Student Affairs, is to: (1) optimize UCI’s undergraduate enrollments by implementing Academic Senate, universitywide, and campus policies for the selection and admission of new freshmen and transfer students; and (2) stimulate and advance cooperative educational relationships between UCI and California schools and colleges.

Undergraduate Admissions works to improve the preparation of prospective students for higher education and to promote their access to and success at UCI.

For additional information about the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the services listed below, call 949-824-6703 or visit the Office of Undergraduate Admissions website

Undergraduate Admissions

Staff are involved in monitoring applications and admission targets; collecting and evaluating personal and academic data to select and admit new undergraduate students; establishing students’ permanent UCI academic record; and evaluating coursework taken at other colleges and universities by new and continuing students for transfer credit.

Intersegmental Relations

Staff are involved as liaison with regard to curricular articulation between UCI and California Community Colleges as well as various educational organizations designed to facilitate regional cooperation (South Coast Higher Education Council, Southern California Intersegmental Articulation Council).

School and College Relations

Staff: (1) advise prospective students, their parents, teachers, counselors, and school administrators regarding academic programs, admission requirements, and admission selection, and assist them with UC application and enrollment processes; (2) increase public awareness by making presentations to schools, colleges, and the community regarding UCI and the University of California, and by creating publications and communications which explain admissions policies and procedures, academic options, housing, financial aid, and student life opportunities; (3) provide general information on UC admissions and programs for all UC campuses; (4) explain University Admissions policies and procedures specific to undergraduate enrollment to the public; (5) assist prospective transfer students and community college faculty and staff; and (6) participate in activities and projects designed to enhance the academic success of students.

On-Campus Services

Staff: (1) host programs for prospective students and educational groups; (2) offer activities for applicants; (3) inform UC and UCI administrators and faculty of developments in California schools and community colleges; and (4) provide consultative services to campus departments wishing to provide programs for schools and colleges or special recruitment for specific majors or programs.

Transfer Student Services

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions provides advice and guidance to prospective UCI transfer students. Staff regularly visit California Community Colleges throughout the state and meet with prospective transfer students to discuss admission requirements, academic planning and preparation, and UCI lower-division major and general education requirements.

Articulation agreements, which identify how community college courses may be used to fulfil lower-division UCI degree requirements, are facilitated through the Undergraduate Admissions office. Articulation agreements are available at the ASSIST website.

Campus Tours

Our student Campus Representatives lead tours that depart promptly at noon from The Hill (210-B), our campus bookstore, in the UCI Student Center.

To confirm tour dates, times, and parking instructions and to arrange tours for school groups of 10 or more during the regular academic year, visit the Campus Tours website.

How to Use the Catalogue

Because the UCI General Catalogue must be prepared well in advance of the year it covers, changes in some programs and courses inevitably will occur.

The selection of courses to be offered each quarter is subject to change without notice, and some courses are not offered each year.

The Schedule of Classes, available on the University Registrar’s website at shortly before registration begins each quarter, provides current information about course offerings, instructors, hours, and more.

Students should consult the appropriate academic unit for even more up-to-date information. (Admission to UCI does not guarantee enrollment in any particular course.)

Presentation of information in the Catalogue is divided into six main concepts:

  1. Introduction to UCI,
  2. Information for Prospective Students,
  3. Information for Admitted Students,
  4. Research,
  5. Division of Undergraduate Education,
  6. Graduate Division, and
  7. Academic Programs. Included in the academic program sections are the following kinds of information:
    1. brief descriptions of the areas that are covered in each school or program and a brief statement of the educational philosophy and orientation of the unit;
    2. requirements for undergraduate majors, minors, and graduate degrees;
    3. additional areas of study referred to as concentrations, specializations, or emphases;
    4. advice about planning a program of study, and other information relevant to the academic progress and experience of students majoring in fields within each school or program;
    5. lists of faculty members; and
    6. courses offered.

Course Listings

Undergraduate courses are classified as lower-division (numbered 1–99) and upper-division (numbered 100–199). Courses numbered 200 and above are graduate or professional courses. Lower-division usually refers to freshman-sophomore courses, upper-division to junior-senior courses.

However, junior and senior students may take lower-division courses, and freshmen and sophomores may normally take upper-division courses when upper-division standing is not a prerequisite and when any other prerequisites have been met.

A course has no prerequisites unless indicated.

Some courses are structured as three-quarter sequences, such as 1A-1B-1C; except as noted, each course in a sequence is prerequisite to the one following. The letter L following a number usually designates a laboratory course. The letter H preceding a number designates an honours course.

The "4 Units" designation following the course title indicates the quarter unit credits toward graduation. Some courses give other than four units of credit; for example, two, five, or a range from one to 12.

When a course is approved for the satisfaction of the UCI general education (GE) requirement, the general education category is indicated by a Roman numeral in parentheses at the end of the description.

Courses approved to fulfil the upper-division writing requirement are designated with the letter W following the course number and the GE symbol (Ib) following the course description.

For more information about the UCI Information for Prospective Students, visit the official website.

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