Tai Solarin University of Education School Fees

Tai Solarin University of Education School Sees - Welcome, you probably searched for Tai Solarin University of Education School Fees, this post will cover all vital areas on finding out Tai Solarin University school fees.

TASUED School Fees

Some Nigerian universities have different fees for different courses, TASUED has one general fee for every courses. If you are a fresher, you will have to dish out ₦76,500. While returning student fee is ₦66,500.

In addition to the Tasued School Fees, we would also like to mention some other fees you might have to pay.

  • UTME application fee - ₦7,200
  • DE application fee - ₦10,200
  • Acceptance fee - ₦30,000
  • Hostel fee - ₦40,000

Official TASUED website also states that, their fees can change without notice, so if you want more accurate information, kindly visit their website or send an e-mail to info@tasued.edu.ng.

Tai Solarin University School Fee

For more than three years, Tai Solarin University has not changed its fees. If you compare them to the other Nigerian universities’ school fees, you can say that TASUED has always been somewhere in the middle. Some might even say it has affordable school fees. Nevertheless, there are people that think it is too expensive. But that is not up to us to decide. (See Best Private Universities in Nigeria).


If you know you cannot afford to pay tuition yourself, you can either apply for a student loan or try your luck with one of the following scholarship options which you can find by clicking here.

About Tai Solarin University (TASUED)

Before you leave, take a moment to learn a little bit more about the university of your choice. Here are the top five facts about TASUED:

  1. The Tai Solarin University of Education was established in 2005 by Otunba Gbenga Daniel, who was the governor of Ogun State at the time.
  2. The history of TASUED actually dates all the way back to 1978, when it was the Ogun State College of Education.
  3. The university is named after Tai Solarin (1922-1994). He was a prominent Nigerian human rights activist and educational administrator.
  4. There are 32 courses present at TASUED, and all of them focus on different aspects of education.
  5. TASUED is the first of its kind in all of Nigeria. In addition to that, it also provides both bachelor’s degrees and the National Certificates of Education in the same environment.

And that is all for our overview of the school fees at Tai Solarin University of Education. We hope that this information has been helpful to you and that you are able to afford the tuition at TASUED. Good luck and have a nice day!

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