How To Extend UK Visa - Eligibility, Fees and Requirements

How To Extend UK Visa: You may be able to extend your UK Visa as long as the total time you spend in the UK is less than 6 months. For example, if you apply for a 3-month visa, you can apply to extend it for 3 more months.

You should apply before your current visa expires.

If you’re receiving private medical treatment in the UK

You can apply to extend your visa for a further 6 months if you:

  • have paid for any treatment you’ve already had in the UK
  • can and will pay the further costs of your treatment
  • continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

You must also get a medical practitioner or NHS consultant who’s registered in the UK to provide:

  • proof of arrangements for your private medical consultation or treatment
  • a letter saying how long your treatment is likely to take
  • details of the progress of your treatment, if it’s already started


You must apply while you’re still in the UK.

How To Extend UK Visa

Follow the steps listed below to extend your visa duration:

Fees You Must Pay:

  • £993 if you apply to extend your visa by post
  • £1,603 if you apply in person

How Long Will It Take?

A decision will be made:

  • within 8 weeks for postal applications
  • usually on the same day if you use the premium service

You’ll be contacted if your application is complex and will take longer, eg:

  • if your supporting documents need to be verified
  • if you need to attend an interview
  • because of your personal circumstances (for example if you have a criminal conviction)

Once you’ve applied you can stay in the UK until you’ve been given a decision, as long as you applied before your last visa expired.

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